A Polymerupdate source in Saudi That Company Called If informed that the plant restarted over the weekend. It was shut for maintenance Al Waha Petrochemical Company. The plant is considered to be largest, producing high-quality polypropylene using LBI's technology, sphereizone. Analytics of petrochemical markets. Spot and contract prices for the polymer industry in the CIS countries.

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Sahara Petrochemicals Company Company Profile

Company Formation & Activity: Sahara Petrochemicals Company is one of the Saudi companies registered in Saudi financial market «Tadawul». Sahara Petrochemicals was incorporated on 19/05/1425 AH (corresponding to 07/07/2004 AD) under a commercial register No. (1010199710) with a capital of SAR 4.388 Billion.…

Al Waha Petrochemical Company - Profile

Al Waha Petrochemicals Company is a joint company of limited liability; it was established to construct, own, and operate a petrochemical complex on an international scale to produce 460.000 tons of propylene; and which works as a feedstock for the production of 450.000 tons of poly propylene where the polypropylene will be sold both in ...…