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Founded in 1960s Aljabor Group is considered to be one of the oldest companies in Doha. Aljabor working in the Arabian Gulf and abroad with the years of experience and strong financial holding companies with specialized and diversified ...…

Al Jabr Laundry - About

Al Jabr Holding Company currently owns and operates Five of the largest commercial laundry plants within Saudi Arabia. Established in 1974 with the opening of thier Laundry Plant in Al Hassa, such was the success achieved in the field that a second plant was commissioned in 1983 in jubail and subsequently five years later a third plant was added in 1988 in Riyadh and then fourth plant in ...…

Al Jaber Group KSA

Chairman's Message. In 1970 we started Al Jaber Group with a primary focus on the construction sector This vision was to compliment the great economic boom of Abu Dhabi during that period by creating a professional company...…

Al Jabr Holding الجبر القابضة LinkedIn

This growth was hinted at when the company first launched into international activity back in 1956, in the city of Al-Khobar. Today, Al Jabr Holding is a multi-line conglomerate maintaining a well-diversified portfolio invested in various sectors such as Automobile, Banking and Finance, Real Estate, Oil & Gas Services, Contracting, Our Vision ...…