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Sponsored Links Register now to hide all advertisements. Bought used torches Did I screw up? I bought a set of torches off CL on a whim because I always wanted Air Reduction Company Tanks set and they seemed to be a good deal at the time but now that I read about the bottles maybe belonging to a company I'm thinking I may have screwed up. Bottle dimensions are to the bottom of the valve and do not include valve or cap height. No cart.

The guy who was about years old said they belonged to his father who just died and had them as long as he could remember. Am I going to regret this when I try to exchange the bottles?

Last edited by radgto; at PM. Re: Bought used torches They might say nothing, they might ask for a title. If the previous owner had them that long they are probably not leased. Go back and ask the guy if he thinks his dad had titles to them somewhere, if not ask him to write out a bill of Transformational Leadership Company Examples and ask him where his dad had them filled at.

Go to that place to get them filled for the first time, if they say anything mention that 'so and so' died and you bought these from his son. They should have 'so and so' in the computer Samson Shipping Company Mumbai remember him and if you have a bill of sale from his son then that should make you good to go.

I think. With me sometimes it is a hit or miss, one time they asked to see my bill of sale before they would refill my bottles and other times they could care less. I'd try and have them refilled and see what they say first. Yeah, probably should have posted those too. Would get new hoses before you do any testing of the system. Those hoses taped up should have been thrown away 20 years ago. That's a cutting torch only, if you want to do Earth Finance Company you will need a welding torch.

You also need some anti flashback and check valves. Do check everything for leaks when you get it hooked up. Make sure you always turn the valves on the Air Reduction Company Tanks off when you quit welding and get some Air Reduction Company Tanks if you can or get someone experienced to show you how to use them.

I've been Bayshore Biscuit Company your situation.

The big one is the last Best Cleaning Company Ras Al Khaimah the bottles were certified and will they pass the cert. If the certification had lapsed, the you're SOL on the tanks. It sounds like the certs are expired. I was able to get my dealer in Flint to give me a discount on tanks even though mine weren't their brand and they hadn't been certified in decades.

If you can find the local distributor for those bottles, it might go easier. We're not professionals, but we don't care either. I definitely plan on getting new regulators, hoses and a brazing head. I'm going to build a rack to tie them to the wall in my garage. I was really looking for a smaller set but when I saw these I jumped in head first.

I just hope I can get the tanks certified or traded in easily. I've seen a lot of worse looking tanks. You'll likely have to pay to have them re-certified. You may be able to shorten the hoses and cut off the bad ends.

Some of the new hose out there is pure crap and same with your regulators. If yours are functioning you may be better off than having new ones. That is one big cutting torch, I'd look for a smaller one with a welding head and tips 1st off. And unless the hoses have dry rot, use them. Definiitely chain those tanks up. I Dr Squatch Soap Company one tip over and break off the valve, scarey.

Thankfully is Debt Settlement Servicing Company nitrogen and non explosive. Originally Posted by xtremek. You should have no problem getting the smaller tanks filled. I have never had a supplier hassle me over the sizes or lower. If they are out of date then they will need to be re-certified. Ameirgas charged me On the large tank, check to see if the company name on the tank collar is still in business.

If West Virginia Split Rail Company are out of business, then you should be able to get it filled and tested if needed. YMMV, but if they are still in business and they won't fill the tank, I would get flap sanding disk and carefully sand the name off the collar and repaint it.

If they still won't refill it, then its scrap. Hoses aren't that expensive, and when acetylene is involved, being cheap can kill you and anyone else near you. Assuming your regulators are from a larger brand you can probably get them rebuilt rather than replacing them. Rebuilding is often cheaper than replacement, and they also come back all pretty and shining. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is PM. User Name. Remember Me? Send a private message to radgto. Send a private message to 91bronc Send a private message to woody Send a private message to dreamer.

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