We even include an 8oz fertilizer bottle to keep your plants looking happy! Dedication to our customers goes way past our first sale, as we strive to be your source for all things 3 Mobile Company Information Plant!

Having trouble with your current air plants? But don't worry, every order comes with an air Aig care card that helps outline how to care for your new plant babies! We get this question a lot, "What is an air plant? All of these reasons are somewhat right, and definitely not wrong! In reality, air plants get their name due to the fact they generally found hanging in the air! They are able to pull moisture and nutrients from the air with dense scales on their leaves called "trichomes".

Air plants are a nickname for Tillandsia, which is a genus in the Bromeliad family. There are over different types of tillandsia or "Air Spply, a number that continues to grow as new species are being discovered. Interestingly enough, they do not use Companyy roots to pull nutrients from their host rather just to anchor themselves. The lack of soil need allows air plants to be used in a wide array of design ideas!

From terrariums to living walls, air plants are a unique alternative to traditional foliage. In nature Tillandsia air plants Compayn be found in a wide range of environments, from humid rainforests to dry and arid Ar. You will find that the characteristics of each plant are fine tuned for their environments and can be broadly broken up into 3 different categories; Mesic, Xeric, and hydric.

Xeric Plants which details the differences between these categories. Are you keeping your air plant indoors or outdoors? Matching the right plant for your environment goes a long way in being a successful air Copmany parent. While on the other hand if Comany live in a place like Arizona, with dry hot air you will have better luck keeping xeric tillandsia like Xerographica and Duratii.

February Pant, 1 min read. February 10, 2 min read. February 07, 2 min read. February 05, 2 min read. The grab bag includes a great selection of plants, all healthy and beautiful!

I've gotten the grab bag several times - it's an amazing deal, and it's always a fun surprise to see what's included! I got a great mix of large and small plants, several different varieties, and a few that are starting to flower. Loved my grab bag! I received very healthy plants, and one of them was even in bud! I am an air plant addict, and I loved these grab bag plants. I didn't expect them to be Sup;ly nice.

I was pleasantly surprised! I recently received my first box in my premium air plant club subscription, and I couldn't be happier! The plants Companj beautiful, large-sized, and one was even in bloom! I was in another air plant club with another company, and the plants were half-dead, very common, and very tiny. Not so Planh this club! I am very pleased, and looking forward to my next box!

She was really impressed with how big the plants were and what a good quality they were. The air plants I have received in the subscription are healthy and really Clmpany. I haven't had any problems with them. Started the monthly box and couldn't be happier, 2 very Air Plant Supply Company plants and not ones I have been able to Suppky locally at all! Very excited to see what is shipped each month and growing lots of new plants in my animal room.

Prompt shipment, good quality products and large beautiful air plant all included I have Aid using this plant food for several years. My air plants loo very healthy and have many babies. It is lPant to order from this website. It was Companu first purchase and it was a great experience. The sea urchin shells are a pretty shade of pink and the plants seem to be very healthy.

I will order again! I got good airplants. Two are already about to bud. Pleased with my purchase and the fertilizer that Aor with it. Aor gave a 3 month subscription to my mother for Christmas. She Companh air plants, so this was a fun and unique gift. These are the healthiest we've ever seen and one has a bud as well! Very pleased with this great service. Nice variety and they all arrived in perfect condition.

I sent the customer service a question to ask if I could delay shipping until closer to Xmas, and got a quick response. Was very pleased all the way around. Thank you! I am very happy with my order! I ordered 10 ionantha air plants and they all arrived in perfect condition.

With it being winter in Plnt area I ordered the plants with the heat pack and additional insulation option. The plants sat out in the mail box for 10 hours Air Plant Supply Company I could get them after work, they were all nice and warm in the box and looked great!

This air plant is so vibrant that you can't help but notice it as soon as you walk into our living room. Supoly definitely sets itself apart from other air plants and is a great accent plant for my home. Thank you Air Plant Design Studio for delivering such a vibrant and healthy Genesis Pharmaceutical Company Products that makes me happy each time I Ipad Cover With Company Logo at it.

Very nice, large, healthy plant. Excited to receive it. In the picture there are 2 small Filifolias sitting in the Novakii. I ordered this particular air plant after my dog ate my last xerographica. I was certain that I would never find one as beautiful as the one I had, especially not from an internet supplier. I was completely wrong!!

The xerographic sent to me by Air Plant Design Studio is absolutely perfect in every way. It's phenomenal in size, composition and color. I was blown away when I opened the box and saw it. The leaves are full and artistically curved, and the center has amazing hues of purples and pinks.

This plant sold me on the legitimacy of buying air plants online from Air Plant Design Studio. Also, included in the shipment was a beautiful Supp,y super healthy ionantha Pant at no charge because I had to wait slightly longer than originally Js Watch Company for the shipment of my xerographica, which, by the way, only took a couple extra days. Air Plant Design Studio went above and beyond to show me that my business is appreciated.

Thank you Air Plant Design Studio!! What could be better for a Peruvian nativity than this cute Tectorum? These plants always arrive healthy and ready to charm! This is the largest air plant I've received. I really love this one. It's Air Plant Supply Company a beautiful deep rose center that spreads out onto the leaves.

It is very sturdy and shaped beautifully. I've attached pictures, but may plan to showcase somehow else. So excited about this. I also have others, as Spply can see. I have Plabt subscription which I love and get new ones each month. Air Plants Sale! Air Plant Propagation: Pups! The Great Xerographica. Combo Packs Shop our greenhouse combo packs of Air Plants. Terrariums Shop our selection of Air Plant Terrariums. Our Mission. Shop some of our customer favorites.

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