Tis the season to support Black owned greeting card and gift wrapping companies! If you know of any other businesses that we should consider, let us know! Addie Rawr. Fresh Out The Coccoon. Phoenix Jai. Greentop Gifts. Lifes Paper. African Afro Card Company Expressions.

Sweet Potato Cmopany. Afro Paintings. Like and Share! Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest. ShoppeBlack Latest posts. Meet Lt. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Latest from All Posts Lt. Col Merryl Tengesdal, a Bronx native, has become the first Black. Life in modern society poses a very real challenge for some of. Fitness can often feel like something marketed to a certain type of. Barbara Smith, the model and TV personality known as B. Smith Afro Card Company. Oklahoma leaders announced Wednesday the state will be moving Miel Company with embedding.

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