A company Thai Airways Company has a vital role in ensuring your company complies with the law. A company secretary is considered an officer of the company, and shares many legal duties with the company directors, as well as some special ones accorded to them personally.

So how can you find the right person for the job, and what do you United Arab Shipping Agency Company Singapore to know about how company secretaries work in practice?

Read on to find out. They have a duty to file annual returns and other documents to Companies House, normally on an annual basis, as well as taking responsibility for convening board meetings and other internal administrative matters. Because of the heavily administrative nature of the role, it goes without saying that the person you pick as a company secretary should be organised, motivated and have a good understanding of the internal workings of your company, as well as its legal duties.

When making your choice, make sure the person you pick understands their obligations as secretary; the Companies Act imposes a wide variety of duties on the company secretary, accompanied by around separate criminal offences.

Although the multi-faceted nature of the role may seem daunting, it is perfectly possible for a company secretary to delegate or outsource tasks — but they retain ultimate responsibility, and must at least check over and sign work they have farmed out. The main duties of the company secretary relate to Companies House reporting requirements.

Normally, the task of filing annual returns and other company documents will fall upon the company secretary. You can take a look at this article to see how this differs from the key responsibilities of a company director.

The company secretary must get this form to Companies House within 28 days of the made-up date, at least once every 12 months. This does not have to be the address from which the company actually operates, but the company secretary must ensure that you receive all correspondence sent to that address. In addition to the legal record-keeping and reporting requirements outlined above, the company secretary normally fulfils an important role in the efficient administration of a business.

Secretaries must convene a meeting of the board of directors if any director asks for one. A secretary can also arrange annual general meetings AGM. In smaller companies, it is Advantages Of Company Secretary for the company secretary to take on a number of additional duties, in line with their general role of chief administrative officer of the business.

In particular other administrative duties. A company secretary may also take responsibility for signing off documents on behalf of the board, such as leases or documents relating to accounts. In line with the wide range of duties a company secretary must take on, there are a number of legal risks you should be aware of.

Although there are a huge range of potential offences under the Companies Act, in reality it is only the company secretaries of large, public companies with their duties enshrined in their employment contract who are at serious risk of prosecution. That said, you should be aware of the potential risks, however remote.

These include joint liability for Companies Act breaches. All the directors and the company secretary are considered equally liable if there is a breach of the reporting requirements — except filing company accounts, the responsibility for which lies solely with the other directors. Failing to file the annual return could land you with a fine, or in serious cases, a criminal charge. Also, if the secretary is complicit in a crime committed by the company, such as fraudulent trading, they could be disqualified or prosecuted.

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