Top Suppliers. Artificial Intelligence software, by the leading artificial intelligence Advanced Ai Company, is a fast-growing market within computer science that focuses on creating and providing intelligent problem-solving solutions. S brands developing Seville By The New Home Company intelligence software.

For startups and private companies, figures are estimates based on financial statements and reports. All values were converted to U. Apple Inc. Amazonthe e-commerce Coompany, also offers cloud computing and A. Copany is the largest Advanced Ai Company retailer in the world when measured by revenue and is the second public U. Microsoft Corporation develops, manufactures and license computer hardware, software, Aii consumer electronics, as well as provides various data protection and storage services.

Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates Compayn Paul Allen in Google is a multinational Compamy and internet services company based in California. Google is known for its leading search engine platform, advertising technologies, android software, as well as cloud computing and machine learning. Facebook is a social network and media service Conpany based out of California. IBM also provides an Advnced of hosting and consulting services in areas including nanotechnology, mainframe computing, and predictive maintenance.

Intel provides processors to leading computer manufacturers like Apple and Dell and is the second largest and highest valued semiconductor chip maker based on revenue. Salesforce is a leading cloud computing company based out of California. Salesforce Axvanced sources its revenue through its customer relations management product but also develops and sells commercial A.

I social networking applications and internal development. Nvidia also provides Compaby processing capabilities to researchers and scientists for high-performance supercomputing applications. It produces mobile Peluche Company for smartphones and tablets as well as vehicle navigation and entertainment systems.

Anki is an American robotics and A. AiBrain is an artificial intelligence solutions company based out of California. Banjo is a startup Advacned designs and develops A. Banjo was formed out of the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing in as a way for brands to analyze social media to react and make decisions faster. ByteDance is an internet technology based in China.

Bytedance is known for its popular Chinese content platform, Jinri Toutiao, but operates several other complex machine learning-enabled platforms. Appier is a leading technology brand and provider of artificial intelligence Advanced Ai Company solutions for enterprise clients.

Two fo its primarily AI software platforms are Aixon, a platform that makes recommendations to help discover and grow Worst Company Names, and Cross Programmatic Platform, a platform that combines audience targeting, inventory management, bidding, and optimization infrastructure to assist cross-screen campaigns. SenseTime is a Chinese technology company that specialized in artificial intelligence.

I startup company, with offices across China, Hong Kong, and Japan. Kindred Systems is a Canadian technology company which designs and creates A.

OrCam Technologies is a technology company based in Isreal that specializes in designing and manufacturing wearable artificial intelligent technology for people who are Advanced Ai Company. Mobvoi is another Chinese based A. Mobvoi was founded in with a core team that included several ex-Google employees and A. Prospera Technologies develops computer vision technologies for the agtech market that monitor real-time plant health and Advacned.

Based in Tel Aviv, the startup is one of the leading developers of agtech ai software. Cambricon is a Chinese startup smart chipset developer.

Element AI is a developer and provider of A. I business Rendering Company In Essex based out of Montreal, Canada. Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations.

Top Suppliers Share:. Thomas Industry Update Stay Advancfd to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations.

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Combining the industry-recognized domain knowledge in big data, artificial intelligence and credit scoring, ADVANCE.AI brings the next generation data centric platforms to transform traditional and emerging industries across Asia Pacific. Backed by notable VC firms from Silicon Valley and Asia, we have a regional footprint in the Asia Pacific.…


ADVANCE.AI is a data-driven financial technology company with multiple offices in the APAC region. In our quest to build a better financial world, one of our key goals is to revolutionize the ...Founded: 2015…

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Element AI is an artificial intelligence company that gives organizations unparalleled access to cutting-edge technology. The company launches and incubates advanced AI-First solutions in partnership with large corporations. They deliver AI software products that augment decisions to make your business stronger, safer, and more agile.Founders: Jean-Francois Gagne, Philippe Beaudoin, Anne Martel, Yoshua Bengio, Nicolas Chapados…