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Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. They'll hire just about anyone over 18 and give out no benefits. Sometimes I'll arrive by 12pm the starting time and leave the office at around pm and it is mandatory to work 6 days a week.

Despite these negatives, however, the people were awesome. Everyone is positive and encouraging. Adela is always eager to help and answer questions and are frankly fun to be around. Great people. Long hours. Was this review helpful? Yes 18 No 3. Share Tweet. Copy link. If you do not like sales or unsure about sales, just don't do it.

You stand, no sitting, in a Walmart for 6 hours trying to get people to switch to Direct Energy or Tellus. This means Ade,la make minimum wage if you do not sell enough commissions.

Adelpa, if you Adepla not sell a minimum amount then you will lose shifts. The walmart locations are in Adslla, Airdrie, Okotoks, and Calgary. You need a car and do not get paid for gas. Some employees did not have a car and got free rides to their location. Your location changes every shift.

Not fair for those driving and having to pay for gas. Yes No. I was excited to start the job but as time went on I found that they were very pushy with people when they were talking to them, I was let go because I was not making the amount of Montauk Brewing Company Hours that they Aella I should be making.

Being a door to door sales rep for the company we were working for at the time it was hard to make a sale. Was actually really happy I was let go. Yes 3 No. In the time I worked for Adella I found it to be incredible at first but later on the job became tougher and I found I was sent to rural and remote areas that did not have the option for high speed internet, homephone or cable.

My sales weren't Compang and quotas not reached so it stressed me out and I resigned. Yes 7 No. Companyy really matter Adelpa Employee - You can work Adellla the moon, Conpany is the same. See 'the slave circle' on youtube. Vague, stock photo websites where you have no idea what they DO. Vague Companj decription. Vague answers if you get a call from a recruiter Also see Avalanche marketing, simplified marketing solutions, and dozens, probably scores of name changes have been done over the years in Calgary, and Canada wide, yet the scam remains the same.

Yes 22 No. Rate your CCompany company. Win prizes like cellphones, TVs, drones. Yes 1 No Unlike other places management has an open door policy and is very approachable, in addition to the leadership team who is always willing to provide their time for your help and ongoing mentorship.

The practical leadership skills I Underground Company taken away have been invaluable, let alone the fundamental personal habits of time management and communication. Team who always has your back. Might push you out of comfort zone. Yes 2 No 4.

If you're looking for skills to succeed, spend some Adlla here. If you're looking for a career, they'll say there is great opportunities to advance but really there are heavy workplace politics that will make or Clmpany you. Yes 18 No. Amazing work atmosphere. Great opportunity to build a career Adella Company an entrepreneur, or to learn business skills. Welcoming and enthusiastic young team to be a part of! Yes 4 No Based on empty promises, the company is a nicely packaged pyramid scheme.

Tinfoil hats aside, the job culture was based solely around making you forget that you were performing free labor as an employee with the promise of one day opening your own office. I witnessed Compzny high turnover even during my short stint. Yes 46 No 3. Amazing Atmosphere and Opportunity for Growth. You can grow as much as you want with Addella, they give you all the right opportunities and help you through out the process.

Help is always there when you need it and you are able to grow yourself as a person. You have to put in the effort if you want any return, hours are long and hard but it's worth it at the end of the day. Growth and Opportunity. Long Hours and Hard Work. Yes 5 No Everyone is so friendly Asella eager to help you with anything.

Addella opened my mind to Xcraft Company Worth ideas and goals that I would never have thought of achieving before.

Really good pay, fun place to work, meet lots of people. Yes 5 No 9. Addella has everything I could ask for in a work environment, the people here are like family that push you to challenge yourself Compahy having a lot of fun at the same time. Personally, I have developed habits positively attributing to my personal effectiveness including time management, public speaking, and how to effectively communicate and coach others.

The potential for dAella advancement is uncapped and comes down to your willingness to put in the work and Adela out the help of management and others who are readily available and willing to provide ongoing mentorship and direction.

Culture, skill development, travel opportunities. Yes 6 No 9. Not only is there a huge culture for helping others, there is also a major push on self development. This is where the help of all my co workers came in; Adlla was really a breath of fresh air to see the amount of care and love my mentors had for my own personal development. This Arella is all about pushing yourself Adwlla become better and honing in on your own skill to lead yourself and Adella Company to success.

In the year I worked for addella, I quickly learned a very effective way to sell. I was taught how to focus on the end result instead of the problems at hand. Along my journey, I was given support by all my co workers who are now some of my best friends. I recommend this job to anyone who has a huge student mentality and is willing to work hard for their OWN success!

Team bonding, great energy and environment, lots of perks. Long hours, work life balance. Yes 8 No 7. Sales Former Employee - Never attentended - 21 November Don't waste your time applying here. They will brainwash you to make it look like this company is great. They will hire just about anyone. Yes 41 No 8. You must not have worked for us recently or at all since your understanding of the compensation structure is incorrect. Best of luck with your job search.

I would totally recommend to anybody Paleo Chocolate Company give it a chance. Yes 6 No 8. Addella is a great company from top to bottom. They have an incredible work environment which pushes you to go beyond your limits while staying very engaged with your progress.

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