Shattuck Corporate Secretary John P. Spear Secretary-Receptionist Libby J. CANA Insights 4. Ordering Duplicate Slant Markers 5. Lorenzo Chiodi Gino J. Sassi BGAMember ews BGA onnmen Designs BGA Products Barre Granite Shop BGA Membership Directory Monumental Moments Adams Granite Company Inc, useful information for the memorialist is our intent. Detailed information on how to order a duplicate slant marker is clearly explained by long time BGA member, Bob Couture, co-owner of Family Memorials.

Tips on selling quality memorials that are meaningful. The overall size is 6 feet. As a skier myself, Adams Granite Company Inc enjoy the soft snow and big bumps called moguls in a Vermont Spring. This new feature will focus on the personal interests of our BGA members. Our coverage begins on page 5. Plan to join us next year in Orlando. Many memorialists have let us know how much they value and enjoy the monument and products section of Barre Life.

This issue features some fine work showcasing superb craftsmanship and new design trends. Listen as they tell you about the person they want to memorialize. They may list attributes, interests, or perhaps a special aspect of a loving relationship.

A good memorialist spends time with folks while they explain what they have in mind. If the individuals are in turmoil, in the midst of grief, you may suggest that they take a break to take a walk, or even come back when they have had a chance to reflect on their true objectives. If you offer a genuine, supportive approach you will not lose a sale but rather work with those involved to co-create a memorial that fulfills their goal in the price range they can afford.

The memorial purchase is a one time, one event, occasion. Price is not as important as offering what is truly meaningful. Allowing your customers to learn about what quality is, and the endless options in monuments available are key elements in the process. Once you establish rapport and trust, translating their wishes and desires is your primary concern as well. Show photographs, designs, and even encourage a tour of a cemetery to see quality Adams Granite Company Inc. Ppd Company how an innovative, personal expression is a true work of art that lasts forever.

Listen to their questions about quality, styles, colors and options. Present options that reflect their ideas. This may be the key to not only one satisfied Wayne Outlaw explained that price isn ' t everything in a ale presentation at the MBNA Convention.

Charlie Hunt, Hunt Memorials, Inc. Learn to look around, sideways and look back to search for a solution from a new point of view. One part of this process is not being afraid 0 fail. Learn to think soft, rather than form hard opinions. Bert J. Consider changing some of your vocabulary. Is "studio" a better word choice for "shop"? Gast even noted concern over the use Hollifield Service Company "die as a term with those outside the industry.

It is all about making the customer feel at ease. Wayne Outlaw, speaking at MBNA, says, "How customers are served will have a significant effect on their loyalty and price resistance. Sales skills and confidence are the key factors in selling against a lower price. Greater skills and confidence will reduce discounting and increase volume.

Helping the customer discover the value of doing business with you is to help them discover their true needs. Once you know their needs, then you can relate how valuable your product or service really is to them. Attending the Cremation Association of North America, CANA Spring Marketing Seminar in March was an opportunity to hear from speakers who were crematory owners, funeral directors, cemeterians and professional marketers in numerous product lines from jewelry to software.

Several speakers called on the audience to prepare for the future demands of the aging "baby boomer" generation. Consider these facts: -This year the number of Americans over 65 will grow by In 15 years, the annual increase will be 1. As a trade association for the cremation industry, CANA, under the very able staff leadership of Jack Springer, is a fastgrowing organization.

One of its services is an annual report on cremation statistics and projections. In other words, they will ask a lot of questions and want to know what all the choices are in memorialization. To the monument manufacturer and retail memorialist this presents enormous opportunity. A pendant or urn, although available in many beautiful designs are unable to record a life's story. Scattering the ashes has many limitations. Those who chose scattering often express regrets that it leaves no single place for an expression of remembrance; and scattering also sacrifices giving others a place to memorialize, thus producing a lost generation, according to the CANA speakers.

In view of the choice and opportunity that granite monuments afford to memorialize and the dramatic increase in demand, the monument industry is faced with enormous questions and decisions.

We must plan now for our segment of the industry portrays itself as providing greater memorialization satisfaction than 1 Number 1 Company other. We have the capacity and granite product choices that will fulfill the needs of consumers today and into the future.

If the original marker was furnished by your firm and you have good records, without going to the cemetery you should know the material, general dimensions and the carving and lettering that was used.

But you must remember Non Resident Director Of Australian Company granite, being a natural product, often will be finished slightly over or under size.

Even if your company did install the marker you still have some information that needs to be gathered. What is Adams Granite Company Inc is important. For you to place an order with your Barre Granite Association manufacturer you need to do the following. Identify the kind of granite; get a rubbing showing the face of the marker, the carving if any and the lettering.

It is also helpful to have a good quality photograph. Now measure the dimensions of the slant. Your BGA manufacturer now has your order and all the information necessary to cut a slant marker that will match perfectly, right?

You will often find that the older marker you are trying to duplicate has sunk into the ground because of an inadequate foundation and is not a high marker with a three inch nosing but actually is a high marker with a five inch front nosing. In addition to the length Awidth B and height C of the marker your BGA manufacturer needs to know the top nosing Dface E and front nosing F in order for the cutter to layout the end profile and begin the manufacturing process.

The top end nosing will come out correct with just these two dimensions. You can however, omit one of the dimensions and the cutter can determine what it should be. Having full access to the end of the slant in the cemetery is crucial so you can correctly measure these five points. Not giving your manufacturer the front nosing Yong Tong Company In Noida because it could not be measured, and guessing the height C incorrectly because it is buried could be a problem.

No matter how experienced a cutter may be, he will have to make adjustments somewhere. Mary Green, Arnold Monument Co. Roc along the entire b,e In person. Terri Ford, al 0 representing Rock Sales, right. Karen Ryan and Tom Sorrentino, visit with L. Matthew Merten. Tou ignant, Ed egersmith, Oblast 1e 'iter. Pre ident, all felt this year's Sturbridge COD was well run. Gary Sassi's demonstration on the art 0 quality of workmanship available in Barre. Catching air off a snow bump or "mogul" to win again!

A mogul master and a high speed slalom water skier, Jim Soutar, shows us that life can be fun and exciting. As a Rouleau Granite monument sales representative, Jim draws on his technical engineering background when questions about the physical properties of granite arise.

After graduating from Boston University, his career in the granite industry began in the engineering division of Rock of Ages. Looking beyond the smiling face and knowledgeable voice of the man as a sales representative of a major BGA firm, we see a very active 56 year old sports enthusiast!

In the winter, Xls Company skis an average of 50 days a year and patrols at Sugarbush. He competes very successfully in mogul com- petition. After starting competitive bump skiing Zebra Publishing Company age 49, he has won 11 out of the last 12 contests he has entered in his class.

In the summer, Jim water skis with long time friend, Dean Edson. He slalom skis at least five days a week at 34 mph with the line shortened 28 to 47 feet. When the wind comes up, there is windsurfing at his summer camp on Lake Groton, where he and his wife Marcia live all season.

The days of motorcycle dirt biking with his two children, Jen and Jim, have changed to a motorcycle bike ride to Barre in the summer. Jim spent some "quality time" with his scuba instructor daughter, Jen, diving down to feet when in Hawaii in To relax he enjoys country line dancing weekly.

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