Aluminium Composite Panels are one amongst the various sustainable materials which get used all around the globe to construct the buildings or say industries. The industry of Aluminium Composite Panels manufacturers is taking a boom in its field and is touching the heights at a steady rate. These panels are comprised of the inner core material of high density or may be of low density. This material gets sandwiched between two aluminium sheets which are been bonded to an organic mineral.

These Acp Company Name composite panels are made in light weight, aesthetics along with good acoustic properties. The quality of ACP resembles the resistance to acids and alkali base.

These panels also have the sound and heat Feather Clothing Company features and thus also helps in the conservation of energy as per ECBC code. These are built with the advanced technology to make them durable for the long run with enhanced and continuous research towards the improvement.

Alex Panels is worthily known as Aluminium Composite Panels which are consisting of a thermoplastic core made up of continuous lamination sandwiched in between the two aluminium skins. Alex Panels are made by using the worldwide known products like KYNAR to manufacture their external grades which again ensure the long life with definite colours.

These are made resistant towards the fungal attack. The Kynar resins ensure the durability of these panels and colour retention until a long time.

The Virgo Group of companies constantly looks out for innovation and challenges in industry which it meets with its passion to excel in whatever it does. Across all its group companies, it maintains a philosophy of reaching out to perfection, no matter what it takes, whether high-end resources or a superlative manpower. These included reforestation programs and elimination of the use of tropical woods and harmful, ozone-damaging chemicals.

Weighing its actions on a philosophical pedestal, Virgo today has evolved into a firm that has been generating optimum profit through total satisfaction of customers, suppliers, employees and society.

A recipient of the ISO certifications, Virgo Group continues to invest in new technologies that can reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes. Because it is the right thing to do. Indian market is the leading player in the production and supply of Viva Composite panels.

Headquarter of the company is in Mumbai and has its established manufacturing unit working at 4 million square meters of area in Umbergaon, Gujarat. Eurobond is the pioneer company which is engaged in Axsys Technologies Company Profile the Aluminium Cladding Panels across India. Eurobond is the leader while supplying the best6 range of panels to various sectors. Eurobond is headquartered in Mumbai and is efficiently catering all around the nation.

It is having a global clientele for whom the company is sufficient enough to offer the innovated products in an economical range of price. This is one of the prominent names in the list of ACP manufacturers in India. The company is headquartered at Rohini, New New Lantau Bus Company. The factory is installed with the facility of cut edge machinery with a minimum capacity of 16 million square feet per Acp Company Name.

The company is working with a well-qualified team, of experts who are delegated with their tasks, duties and responsibilities to make the company an efficient producer of ACP panels. The company started in the year is headquartered in Kolkata and the manufacturing unit in Haridwar. This unit is spreading over the area of square Acp Company Name with an annual revenue turnover of crores.

The company is serving the best quality of products manufactured with the latest and advanced technology. These machinery are working with Double Coat and Double Bake method to ensure the longevity of the product. Alstrong is yet another company who is producing the best range of ACP panels. The company got incepted in which is headquartered at Delhi and is having its manufacturing unit in Jammu.

The company has an average of manufacturing 1 50 million square feet of ACP per annum. Alucobond is a popular company in the world to manufacture and produce the best quality of ACP panels. The company is leading the market since In India, Head office is put in Mumbai with a manufacturing unit in Maharashtra. They are manufacturing high-quality panels with a unique appearance and fire retardant properties.

These panels are made water proof and scratch resistant with the rigid material and light in weight. Alstone is the well-known brand got established in the year which is headquartered in Delhi. The company is working with two manufacturing plants at Dehradun and Jaipur.

The company has a production capacity of 2. The company is offering the best quality highly durable product made up of double-layer aluminium skins. These products are first pre-coated and bonded with non- toxic polyethene core material. The brand has its innovative and highly sustainable products in the market. They have a nationwide channel to supply their products.

They are manufacturing the international standards of sustainable and eco- friendly panels. These APC panels are made in non- combustible nature of quality. In Business. By kanika. Alex Panels Alex Panels is worthily known as Aluminium Composite Panels which are consisting of a thermoplastic core made up of continuous lamination sandwiched in between the two aluminium skins.

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