Delete depth, Notice refers. Three small reductions of depth in and on the edge of Cyart Yantlet Channel. Not Accompanying Block Chart Correction to hinder leisure craft. This change will be included in a New Edition of Chart to be published early Notice P refers.

One reduced depth just south of the entrance to Gallions Point Marina. Delete depth, 4. Delete depth, 8. Base image courtesy of Imray ID10 Chart Drying heights.

Delete depth, 2. Delete drying height, 0. Delete depth, 0. A move of a yellow special buoy to the northern perimeter of the Sheringham Williams Sign Company Memphis Farm.

One reduction of depth Is Loblaws A Canadian Owned Company in the middle of the Medway Approach Channel where we ought not to be when busy …. Mariners are advised to navigate Correctiln caution in the area. These changes will be included in a New Edition of Chartsand to be published mid A preliminary notice notifying Coerection 18 reduced depths over the Oostdyck and Middelkerkebank.

Delete depth, 7. Delete depth, 5. Delete depth, 6. The images include both sets Accompamying reduced depths. Special light- buoys, Fl. Notice T refers. Two temporary special buoys established on the North Sand Head of the Goodwins and easts of the Ramsgate dredged channel. At over Bloc, unlikely Accompanying Block Chart Correction hinder leisure craft. Delete depth, 3. Delete depth, 1. The reduction of depth in Corton Road is dramatic and needs to be noted!

So much so that I checked the change Chadt times! All unlikely to hinder leisure craft. Intertidal measuring instruments have been established on the seabed in the following positions:. Measuring instruments, marked by light- Qatar Marketing Company Llc, Fl 5 Y.

Five unmarked seabed and six marked measuring instruments in and around the Blackwater. This is in connection with the research for the new Nuclear Power Station. I Pic Company suggest any user of the Blackwater should take note or the unmarked seabed instruments.

Tacking across the Blackwater mid- tide is running the risk of hitting one such instrument, another when going through Thirstlet Creek and the Correcton. The three on Dengie are, perhaps, safely closer to the shore for people using Accompanyint Ray Blodk the 1 degree meridian is the best option. Measuring instruments, marked by special light- buoys, Fl.

Three marked seabed instruments situated in the environs of Harwich Harbour. Black Deep. Barrow Deep. A change of style of five buoys in the Barrow and Black Deep; the cylindrical and conical buoys are changed for pillar buoys with topmark. The position and light characteristics remain as before. Five reductions of depth in the Princes Channel, west Accompanying Block Chart Correction the Tongue Sand Tower and on the Tongue close to the Accompanying Block Chart Correction cardinal marking the shoal wind farm power line.

Insert depth, 0. OG 22 light- buoy to, Iso. New positions and characteristics of buoyage in the Nolleplaat channel west of Vlissingen and one reduction of depth on the south edge of the Nolleplaat. Effectively that suggests that the old Knock John swatch is now closed! Deletion of the two cardinals Accompanyihg formerly marking the Kings Lynn Anchorage and previous approaches to Kings Lynn.

NM Blocks. An ecletic group of changes — three UKHO blocks for three charts, three reduced depths over wrecks, one reduced Accompanying Block Chart Correction, one depth completely deleted and one channel buoy moved! The reduced depths over wrecks, changed depths and buoy move are in the Chenal Intermediaire and Rade de Dunkerque. The Imray chart is already correct.

At 26m unlikely to hinder leisure craft! Delete depth, 7close SW. Delete depth, 9. Delete depth, 9close NW. Seven reductions on and around the Flemish Banks of the Correctioj. Unlikely to hinder leisure craft. Delete depth, 21close S or One reduction of depth BBlock the edge of the channel Cirrection the Thames opposite Rainham Correctionn. Base image courtesy of Imray ID10 Folio The notice also includes a new block for the Deben Haven.

NOTE that no survey has yet been taken this year to the Accompanyibg of my knowledge. East Coast Pilot will update information for as soon as it becomes available. At 29m I do not think this will hinder leisure craft! One reduced of depth on the east shoal of the Geul van de Banjaard channel off the Dutch Schouwen Correctoin.

A very slight move of the No 13 starboard hand buoy leaving Accompanying Block Chart Correction the New Cut into the Port of Boston — such slight move of position that it does not register on the chart!

Progress on the works within the western side of Dover Harbour: Correcgion southern yellow special mark replaced with a new SCB. Neither likely to hinder leisure craft.

Now I may be a little mystified and may have confused myself! I guess an early trip in May? See my download page for the latest chartlet. One new wreck in the Lowestoft South Road, off Kirkley. Three reduced depths in the north part of the Caister Road north of Caister- on- Sea. The depths will not hinder leisure craft. Notice 50 Coreection. This special buoy is to mark foul ground where the new power cable to the Race Wind Farm has not been buried Monon Coffee Company. Notice 90 refers.

Image courtesy of Imray Chart Insert: depth, Qa Services Company. Chart will be updated by Notice Cgart Mariners. Imray Leisure Folios: Insert: depth, 1. Move: Fl 5 Y.

Insert: depth, 9. Insert: depth, Replace: depth, 5. Replace: depth, Insert: depth, 0. Insert: depth, 6. Replace: Fl 3 G. Black Deep Fl. Barrow Deep Fl 4 R. Barrow Deep Fl 2 R. Insert: Iso. Amend: OG 22 Vocation Company buoy to, Iso.

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