They are part of the annual national convention of a company called Thirty-One Gifts. Thirty-One Gifts is a super-fast growing direct-sales company that has achieved explosive growth — and cult brand About Thirty One Company. At that time, the company had 23, consultants — now they have overSo, how has 31 Gifts done it? What are About Thirty One Company secrets? Here are a few that apply:.

The company was based on one immutable goal: to empower women. The target consultant for Thirty-One is a woman who wants to improve her life and the lives of her family, while having the flexibility to maintain her traditional family role as mom and wife. Who About Thirty One Company the enemy here? During our interviews, the consultants told us that Thirty-One has given them a sense of self-worth, achievement, and the pride that comes with financial contribution and business success.

The Thirty-One enemy is lack About Thirty One Company self respect, low confidence and a diminished sense of personal value. Founder Cindy Monroe cites that Thirty-One provides two key benefits to consultants: community and relationships. These are powerful drivers in creating strong emotional connections to an organization.

Many cult brands think Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Walt Disney are based on the vision, power and personality of its leader. Cindy Monroe is the highly visible founder and vision-keeper of Thirty-One. She has deflected offers from financial investors because she wants the purity of her vision to remain intact, not to be influenced by ROI and other objectives. She claims she did not do this 1901 Shoe Company the money — and she and her claim are authentic and believable.

These are the core values that Thirty-One embraces. These three words are critical in delivering the company mission to empower women. These values have helped develop a strong culture that supports and encourages women to achieve their dreams. During the annual convention this cult law is seen in full force. Achievements are wildly applauded, consultants are encouraged to About Thirty One Company, and prizes and awards are publicly given for special recognition.

This is not surprising when you consider that cult brands About Thirty One Company brand evangelists who are passionate about their affiliations and want to spread the word to others. Thirty-One is a perfect example of a brand that is spreading virally. How can your company use some of the Laws of Cult Marketing to grow the business? Cult Law 3: The Community: Strong sense of belonging within the group.

Members define themselves by this association.