Delivered About Shopify Company to your inbox. Before Shopify was a platform for creating online stores, it was an Shpoify store itself. That was the original vision—when the company was created, it was never intended to be a platform for e-commerce. The first iteration of Shopify before it was called such was an online store that sold snowboards. When Shopify was a store selling snowboards, it was called Snowdevil.

When Shopify About Shopify Company first an e-commerce platform, it was called Jaded Pixel. Inthe company also launched its annual Build-a-Business contest.

Less Abut a year later, Shopify raised a Series B round. Despite its constantly increasing size, Shopify works Dineen Construction Company to maintain a startup-like culture.

The capital was used to transition the company from being an e-commerce platform to being a commerce platform.

With over employees, rumours of a Shopify IPO started swirling. It hadstores and employees. Canadian Ed Roos Company wunderkind Shopify has offices in three Ontario cities Ablut their newest build in Waterloo.

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