Legends of its healing properties drew New Orleanians to the area at the turn of the 20th century and created a town on its north shore perch, among its pine trees, fresh air and rolling springs. Watfr now, with the recent creation of a new drinking water company in Abita Springs, Coompany town is replanting its roots in the pure spring water that prompted one of the first migrations across Lake Pontchartrain to Abita Water Company.

Tammany Parish. The town seal shows a Choctaw Comppany princess kneeling at a spring, about to drink. Locals still tell the tale of how the spring saved her from death.

Then in the late s, New Orleans residents did the same, largely tempted by rumors about the mineral water's medicinal qualities. Families would take the train to Abita to escape the yellow fever epidemics that plagued New Orleans.

And the elite sipped the town's famous spring Abita Water Company while playing croquet beneath tall cedar trees. A local bottled water company first began using the Princess Abita logo aroundaccording to local historians.

Abita Spring Water Co. The history of the town's water companies has become murky over time, Abita Water Company some local historians say that many of the early distributors at Volvo Company In Bangalore point merged to form the Abita Springs Water Co.

In a new beginning, the Klebe Fuel Company and Princess Springs Water are attempting to re-establish Copany town's splash by playing on the folkloric tradition of its past. While the original town seal will be on all the Princess Spring Water bottles, a new adaptation of the classic image also will flank them.

The company has Led Solar And Light Company a 21st century princess logo a sexier princess with smoother, sleeker lines, kneeling at a spring.

The Abita princess tale sounds "like a great example of what I would call opportunistic storytelling," said Wwter Tatar, Harvard University's chair of Folklore and Mythology.

DeWald, 79, said he learned to excavate for water by Clmpany for oil. He currently is talking with distributors to sell Abita's water, Watter its folklore, across the nation. Benjamin Alexander-Bloch can be reached at bbloch timespicayune.

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The Abita Brewing Company was established in 1986 as a microbrewery, and in 1994, they added a brew pub and restaurant. Abita's beer is brewed with the pure water of the artesian wells in Abita Springs. The UCM Museum (pronounced "you see 'em", and also known as the "Abita Mystery House") is an Abita Springs tourist attraction. The museum ...Parish: St. Tammany…

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