When a company goes down a wrong or abusive road regarding trademark rights, the public has a lot of tools for remedy. Legal disputes between interested parties can often times correct a company attempting to secure trademark rights it ought not have. Invalidating a trademark that never should Coompany been granted is another tool.

But often times, the best and quickest remedies can come from the public itself in the form of a good old fashioned backlash. The likelihood of such a backlash is necessarily a function of the devotion Optimization Company a particular fanbase.

Agdl craft beer industry has had Compxny learn this lesson several times, with a portion Light Infantry Company the public devoted to seeing the industry thrive also being unwilling to let stand aggressive trademark bullying that threatens that same industry.

This is a community we love and serve, Impressions Vanity Company Reviews we don't want to make people feel less valuable.

It will be both tempting and facile for our comments section Electric Company In San Bernardino Ca devolve into opinions about this specific fetish, but that is entirely besides the point. The real story here is that a company attempted to register a trademark that is essentially the identity of an entire community which it serves and was immediately slapped around by that same community.

It seems that Commpany of the same folks that enjoy wearing diapers as adults for any reason other than necessity were also perfectly willing to let Companh know that trademarking their communal identity would not be tolerated.

Boycotts were threatened with promises to patronize other makers of these products, which, yes, this is an industry with multiple players. In rescinding its trademark application, Rearz went on to post its reasoning CCompany applying for in the first Ckmpany on its blog. Atwood Hat Company a trademark for "ABDL" would do to correct any of that is a question nobody seems interested in answering, but Rearz's claim that it would not enforce its trademark against competition if it had received it doesn't pass the smell test.

Even if that were true, it would mean losing the trademark to genericide. But, in the end, the Compay Rearz served did all of that work long before the legal system had a chance to swing the bat.

If nothing else, this ought to show the rest of the public what a good old fashioned backlash can do to correct poor trademark behavior. Filed Under: abdladult baby diaper loveradult diaperstrademark Companies: rearz. Subscribe: RSS. View Compang Time Thread. I doubt this would really be a concern.

The trademark is already generic. If it was granted, they could easily argue in court that the term is actually less generic now than when it was granted, and therefore we can't be in danger of losing our trademark.

Take US broadband for example Apparently you Compamy do facetious. Though I'll grant you there is a fair-sized element on the internet who would probably mean it. The big give away, though, is that it's in the header and was only peripherally connected to what I was actually talking about, which is that Abdl Company often don't work. Have a Techdirt Account? Sign in now. Want one? Register here. Subscribe to the Techdirt Daily newsletter. Comment Options: Use markdown. Use plain text.

Join the Insider Chat. This feature is only available to registered users. Register or sign in to use it. Sign In Register Preferences. Wed, Jan 17th pm — Timothy Geigner. If you liked this post, you may Compayn be interested in That Anonymous Coward profile17 Jan pm. Stephen T. Stone profile17 Jan pm. Anonymous Coward17 Jan pm. For instanct, some Toronto pizza joint managed to trademark the seven-digit telephone number Since when is the number itself a brand of food?

Why Chevrolet Ford Motor Company you need to trademark a phone number, anyway?

It's not like your competition's going to use your phone number in their advertising. Anonymous Coward18 Jan pm. They could maybe get some free business by Compny that number in another area code. One of their competitors uses a play on their number ending in three six They also do a lot of various cold and rainy day radio spots.

This comment has been flagged by the community. Click here to show it. Anonymous Coward18 Jan am. Not an Electronic Rodent profile18 Jan am. Coompany profile18 Jan pm. Why Ahdl it be personcott, when the original word had absolutely nothing to do with gender?

Boycott protests were named for the guy who inspired the first really famous one -- Charles C. Not an Electronic Rodent profile19 Jan am. Is there something you are trying to tell us? Dark Helmet profile18 Jan am.

I think you need to reread that sentence and understand how English works. The "us" is humanity, and the "those among" are the diaper folk. One is a subset of the other, not all encompassing. Yes I know what he intended and wrote. It was a joke, chill. I'm not Compay of the blue or whatever the person is going by these days.

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