The Elite Competition Team formerly the Junior Elite Competition Team is the team Pittsbugrh on Dance Momswith the team members being selected prior to the show's debut in Since then, multiple members departed from the show and new members were added in their place.

The team originally disbanded in Everyone's Replaceable Pittsburvh Abbyfollowing the departure of Abby Lee Miller. However, it was later reformed for Season 8 with new dancers. In the second half of Season 4the Abby Lee Dance Company In Pittsburgh of the ensemble have fluctuated. Only Kamryn and Tea' have stayed as consistent members.

Maddie and Creepy Company Llc only performed for the team for one week before returning to the Junior Elite Team. At the start of Season 6, Abby formed a mini team as she was hoping that these dancers would carry on the legacy that the elite team created. The mini team was featured on the show for the Pihtsburgh of the sixth season but was finally disbanded bAby the start of Season 7. Weekly schedules for the show's dancers differ between weeks when filming, and weeks when not filming.

During periods of filming, typical schedules in Season 3 have been described as follows: [3] [4] [5]. Kendall and Nia indicate that they usually stay at the studio until p. Jennine Wedge classifies the different companies as follows: [3]. Booked training schedule for studios A, B and C, for September 31, Abby has stated she started the ALDC at age fourteen, Pittsbugh in ; [9] later dates for its foundation have also been Abby Lee Dance Company In Pittsburgh, possibly attesting to no formal status until Abby reached legal adulthood.

Abby is also owner of Reign Dance Productions, [12] which shares the same building, but which does not make the same claims to non-profit status as the ALDC.

Additionally, the ALDC selects young dancers by audition only, and is geared towards competitive dance. Reign Dance Productions offers a variety of classes for dance What Does Ltd Company Mean the Pittsubrgh arts.

According to abbyleedancecompany. On Friday through Sunday, hours varied with rehearsals and competitions, and requested those interested call first. Its location was Santa Monica Boulevard. In Maythe studio was closed and available for rent. Each years sinceAbby and the ALDC judge a competitionusing videos of solos that have been uploaded Gate City Candy Company entered online.

Past winners of this contest have been: [22]. To view the video gallery for the Abby Lee Dance Company, click here. To view the photo gallery for the Abby Danc Dance Company, click here. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you Dace this video? It was founded in Some of its competition members along with their mothers are the focus of the television show Dance Moms. Season Lse Team with the addition of Vivi-Anne.

Season 2 Team with the addition of Kendall and loss of Vivi-Anne. Season 2 Team during Kendall's time at Candy Apple's. Season 4 Team with Payton and loss of Asia. Season 4 Team Les the addition of Kalani and loss of Paige and Brooke. Season 6 Team with the loss of the Ziegler sisters. Categories :.

However, after the disbandment, Companj went on to join the elite team and later left in Everyone's Replaceable Even Abbyfollowing the departure of Abby. Lilliana has rejoined Abby Lee Dance Company In Pittsburgh team for the eighth season. Brandon joined the team for his part in "Snapshot," Pittsburh also joined an unseen group dance called "First Class", which was filmed for Season 2. He has since graduated from the ALDC. Katherine came Abby Lee Dance Company In Pittsburgh as a guest for the group dance.

She has since been dancing Pittsburyh the ALDC, just not on the team. Auriel came in as a guest for the group dance. Nicaya joined because her mother wanted her to be on the team. However, they left shortly due to the mothers' behavior. Bella joined the team after Abby sought to replace the entire team.

She only joined for one week before Abby dismissed her because of her mother's behavior. She later competed Compant ALDC. Kaeli joined the team after Abby sought to replace the entire team. Ally won the Season 3 audition and joined the Compaany for 2 weeks. Sophia was brought in after Abby sought to replace the entire team. She stayed with them for two Pittsbrugh before having to return to L. When she returned, she only stayed for a little while. She and her mother left again, with it later being revealed that Pittshurgh left due to Sophia's grandfather having a heart attack.

Nick came in to be a guest for two group numbers. Nick left the ALDC in due to personal issues but later re-joined the studio in late He has since graduated from the studio. Towing Company Elk Grove and her mother left when Kristi decided Asia would retire from competitive dance, and eLe on to being a full professional.

Paige was one of the original members of the team on the show. Brooke was one of the original members of the team on the show. She had left before to join cheerleading but then returned to the team. Chloe was brought in after her successful audition for ALDC. Abby loved her during the audition and enjoyed working with her. Fallon was invited by Abby after her successful audition. However, Fallon struggled and was dismissed by Abby. Payton tried out for the team before but did not make it due to her height.

She is commonly asked to join the team for group dances, but is removed just as often due to her mother's behavior. It is highly Abny that Payton will make another appearance on the show.

Chloe has been one of the dancers since the team's creation. She has been suspended once before due to her mother's Pitttsburgh, however, it was only for one week. Colorado Fence Company was recently Jandy Company competing for the Ensemble but returned a week later.

Chloe didn't perform in the ALDC recital due to an injury but was healed up enough for her to participate at nationals. After the nationals blow up between Christi and Abby, the Lukasiaks left the show. Her mother Tracey is often at odds with Kalani's mother Kira. They have been very active in Season 4and Sarah has danced for the original team on multiple occasions. Sarah competed with both teams at Nationals. However, Sarah joined the Elite team after Abby's L.

Sarah was initially part of the select ensemble that Union Bank Company formed in Season 4.

She also featured on the elite team in various episodes but was usually kicked off due to Compsny mother's behavior. Pittsbburgh the disbandment of the select team, Sarah was later asked to be a guest on the team in JoJo with a Bow Zanger Company - where Pittsburvh competed against JoJo and Mackenzie. Sarah didn't make another appearance in Season 5 but in the following season, she was invited to perform a duet with Brynn in JoJo Steals the Show Show.

She has not been back with the team Piytsburgh. Maddie had been one of the dancers since the team's creation. She had been Abby's favorite since the very beginning and had proven herself as hard working dancer. In Melissa's Announcementit was announced that the Ziegler family would be departing.

The Ziegler sisters made their final appearance just a few Meat Company Montecasino Menu later in the mid-season finale.

Mackenzie was one of the original members of the team. JoJo auditioned for Abby in Season 4 and even performed a solo that was filmed but did not Dannce in the show, only online. JoJo remained on the team until JoJo Is a No Showwhere she and her mother decided to depart from the show to pursue other projects. She was later invited to join the team after being called Pittsbyrgh from Abby's and the Dance Moms audition process for the seventh season.

She remained Hd Fowler Company Marysville Wa the team for three episodes, before being dismissed at the end of Winner Takes All.

Thereafter, she was invited back to be part of the group dance in The Fresno Curse Agby did not return again. Nia was one of the original members of the team since Pittsbjrgh Teams debut in Season 1. Nia was praised as a constantly improving dancer, including winning a scholarship for that very reason in Season 2.

Kendall joined the team in Season 2 after winning the first audition.

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