Find jobs Company reviews Find Abbco Cleaning Company. Eldeco Company your resume. Sign in. Review this company. Job Title. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Spanish Any. Custodian Current Employee - St. Louis, MO - January 17, Coeaning this review helpful? Yes No. Share Tweet. Copy link. Low pay and management is very disrespectful to employees. I wouldn't recommend working for abbco I loved working Abbco Cleaning Company them!

Schedule flexible, sweet supervisors and coworkers! Team work was great! Hours and pay is wonderful. Very understanding to outside of work problems. Yes No 1. Management sucks will not back employees afraid of losing contract and its second shift.

Abcco was a very average company to work for. Due to the lack of concern from some Abbvo management in the areas of Supply and perssonell that job assignment was a lot harder than it should be. We as a company where overwhelmed due to the lack of supplies and personnel. Yes 1 No. Rate your recent company. Manager Former Employee - St. Louis, MO - October 9, It wasn't anything exciting about the job itself, you went in and you did your work and you went home hopefully you didn't get a complaint the next day.

Compamy did meet some nice people in the building. The pay wasn't that good. Louis, Missouri. I recommend as Vogel And Company place Cleanijg work. Excellent opportunity, amazing corporate support. I was given a supervisor position with abbco 2 years ago.

I am thankful for the opportunity. The Abbvo support has been the best in any industry I have been employeed by. Treated like family. Healthcare benefits, same as everywhere Cleaniing.

We want to help you find great companies. Help us be the best! It is a pleasure to work for ABBCO, a company that is growing in the right direction and takes care of their employees. I enjoy working with our support personnel, management and staff to create a safe and clean environment for our customers. I know that I am appreciated and trusted enough to allowed me to take initiative to get things accomplished. We are valued employees and it shows by the pride we in our work.

ABBCO cares about us and help us to grow, strive to learn new skill sets and appreciate us and we can see that every day. Family is important, we have the best equipment and training. Like any other job you have to show up and work. Abbco is like any other buisness, you put your app in and your set up with an interview everything is explained to you verbal and on paper.

No company wants to pay someone to do nothing. Its up to workers to maintain their jobs so the company can extend the raises. Your making money to Cleanimg the bills. Its up to the workers if you want raises. First thing of Cleannig day started out I would access how busy today was what needed to be done first and what proper order. I learned that end factory environments you learned when employees go to break and and and lunch to learn to work around them and the better times when to be in certain letters also learned it day or night shifts or totally also learned that management was very precise and Duluth Trading Company Boxer Briefs Reviews they wanted us to do and that wasdifferentmanagement always seem to be precise and what they wanted.

Yes 1 No 1. Clwaning rate a 0 out of a 10 with poor customers service an management treat there worker's unfairly out Abbvo respect or no kindness of Cleanong with very poorly pay. Yes 3 No. Terrible place to work. Slave wages for tge amount if work Compsny.

Poir management. Lack of incentives. No raises and no benefits. Do not work fir this company. Nothing good Abbc say about this company, stay cause it was Paragon Life Insurance Company Of Indiana pay check.

Abbbco I had to work 2 other jobs to even make enough money to pay bills. If you want constant disappointment then this is the job for you. Yes 2 No. Management will double speak, said one thing while doing something else, the miscommunication runs rampant at this company no one hold themselves for accountable for nothing they'll lie and let someone else take the heat for what issue they care nothing about the welfare of the workers they only care about their accounts.

Met good people but poor pay and lack of communication. Could be stressful. Clients and company expectations could be at odds. Chemical training not provided. Not enough time to Comapny all of client expectations. Weekends off. Paid holidays. Work is fair and boss is very fair job Cleqning rough budget but they do the best they can for the schools and the people that work Abbco Cleaning Company Boss does his best to make sure everyone is happy.

Mon to friday no weekends. No chance to move up. Janitor Current Employee - St. Louis, MO - June 5, I have worked cleaning a warehouse and now in a school. Abbc love the people I work with and the job isn't hard. My manager helps us if we need it. The pay is Cleaninh low to make a living.

You dont get holiday pay or vacation for the first year. Clmpany health insurance is either too expensive to afford at this pay rate or it doesnt cover any sickness or Cpeaning claims. Human resources does not care about any of your concerns. Management will expect you to operate equipment that is damaged or unsafe. Your concerns about unsafe conditions will fall on deaf ears. They tell you that you can earn merit raises every little bit, but that is not true.

You might get a quarter an hour raise once a year at contract renewal time, but only if the customer agrees to it and if ABBCO even tries to get you a raise. This company does not have Xplosive Dance Company Miami set time schedule for pay increases because they do not expect anybody to work long term. This is not a company to have a career with. Close to home. Everything-else pay, benefits, mgmt. Yes 3 No 2.

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ABBCO Service Corp. Employee Reviews. Review this company. ... It is a pleasure to work for ABBCO, a company that is growing in the right direction and takes care of their employees. ... I have worked for ABBCO for 15 years. I have worked cleaning a warehouse and now in a school. I love the people I work with and the job isn't hard.3/5(85)…

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