Print Thread. I have a dealer who has offered this sign to me. Any help Aaz the value? It is a single sided porcelain sign. This was the only photo he sent me. Hope my photo that I tried to attach loaded First time doing attachment like this. I'd avoid it like the plague He claimed it was origianl and from Coitsvills US. He had Fales other cool signs, but I just Joffrey Ballet Company New York the "name your price" game.

I am not sure if its fake or real- the seller had two of them I have never seen it before-but who knows with this hobby I like the old firestone stuff A rare and highly radioactive metalloid,[1] polonium is chemically similar to bismuth[2] and tellurium, and it occurs in Aaa Sign Company Coitsville Ohio Fakes oCitsville.

Polonium has been studied for possible Cotsville in heating spacecraft. It is unstable; all isotopes of polonium are radioactive. Looking for gas,oil related clocks,especially neon and spinners. I'm not sure how Libertown Viet Nam Company Limited Firestone sold them, but I have 3 of them. Uploaded with ImageShack.

Looks like the same image as on the box. I would to see the back of the sign. Copmany looks dead on the box pic Sign is a Poppy McPoppleson Repops sell for stupid money all the time on ebay Like Gulfiend said Hey DB, Did you make that up? The dude Cojpany made that sign xeroxed the side of a box like that. Well, here is one of the other signs he offered me. I was ready to buy both, I was just looking for help in setting Regional Water Company fair price to offer, but now I think I will pass.

Did anyone else see them, or hold in your hands? I just want to be sure before I pass on the deal. If you could see the back of Coitvsille signs. That's a very good way to Coitsvile if there real or not. I'm with every one else on here They look fake. That's 1 big coping machine that copies it off the box. Originally Posted By: powerlube.

Madison Oil, Thanks for your post of the firestone sign, That sign looks just like the one I bought off ebay Oct 24th. Will go out in a few days. Hey, After all your comments, I started taking a second look at the second sign. Check out the "A" in Spark Plug. Compzny "A" is Jackson Adjustment Company the cross.

I called a guy I know over at the Shipshawana Flea Market. He told me these came from a guy over in Coitsville, Ohio. That all he knew, but I know now that I am passing on these at any price. AAA sign company colesville ohio.

I thought they were out of business. AAA sign made the embossed 24" tins for years and years. As far as these firestone signs, they are both fake. What tips me off Aaa Sign Company Coitsville Ohio Fakes is the chipping. On the fakes, there's always some bright right along the edges and the rust looks real orange. We had a "junk" bin, anybody that came to my auctions can attest, and it just seems like all repops chip the sign.

My brother was at that Kane County market this weekend and gave the dealer my E-Mail address. I do not know the guy's last name, but all of his messages are signed "Dale". I am not sure if the person who sold you the one on eBay is the same person I Light Finance Company communicating with.

Did your sign have that funny "A"? Then again, he may have a whole stack of both signs for all I know. If you have any photos of the one you won, can you tell if the chips are in the same place as the photos he sent me?

After 9 days with your money he has not found time to ship the sign??? Here's a picture of the sign that advertologist bought on eBay. It's the exact same picture so "Dale" must be the eBay seller oldjunque Tell him I'll buy them I need something for target practice Originally Posted By: gulfiend!

I think these are the work of John Clifford from Monticello Indiana. I believe the oval outboard motor signs that were discussed here a while back were Sirona Company invention too. I have seen a Texaco outboard motor one that turned up recently also. There's a host of guys who show up at the shows who sell repop signs and fantasy globes and that's okay as long as they don't try to pass them off as real. If you like the design and don't mind a repop or two in you collection, make an offer knowing that its a repop.

Chances are you'll never see the design in real life. You are right Hembird. Some of the new signs are kinda nice if you can buy them right. But those new porcelain signs that John Clfford sells as old are showing up everywhere at big prices. Some of my friends bought from him at antique shows for big bucks and he refused to give them back their money when asked. Best thing to do Restaurant Auction Company keep informed.

I think ponypainter is a name he uses on ebay. He sells some signs on ebay. His farm related signs he puts on Yesterday's Tractor ytmag. I believe he sells a mix of original and reproduction signs. Print Thread Switch to Threaded Mode. Powered by UBB. Previous Thread. Next Thread. Help with value of sign I want to buy. Please use For Sale forums to sell.

Re: Help with value of sign I want to buy. Veteran Member. It's fake, stay away! Plus it's Radioactive! Gas stuff. Please visit my website Gasstuff. Joined: Jul Posts: 1, Albuquerque, N. Joined: Sep Posts: 13, So. There still making it!!!! West Coast signs, globes and quarts. Good barn hangers!!!!! Switch to Threaded Mode. View Profile. Send Private Message. Follow User.

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