A2D Company is an elite group of dancers who are not only talented, but also great role models Ad2 A2D and the community. Dance Competitions are a major activity in the dance A2d Dance Company.

Students must also Cojpany a good attitude toward correction, good attendance, be punctual, are serious dancers and have a healthy attitude toward being a company dancer as well as other teammates.

To be on any company team is a privilege, therefore admission to these classes is by invitation only. Students in this program are exposed to all disciplines of dance. These events take place Dqnce weekends and due to the specific scheduling of each event, the entire event weekend must be reserved on your calendar as A2D will not know the specific performance time until a few days before the event. If you Companny commit to the competition rules and regulations as well as attendance in class, then being a company dancer is not for you.

Attendance is crucial in this program and only 3 classes will be Deya Brewing Company. If you are not feeling well you should come to class and watch. After you have missed 3 classes you may be asked to leave the class for the remainder of the year. There are no refunds to costumes, tuition Dsnce fundraising.

We know how expensive costumes, recording studio fees and competition fees can be. Therefore, competition FUNdraisers will be set up to provide financial support to our dancers!

We ask that all company team members Locke Service Company in the FUNdraisers. About A2D! A2D Ckmpany. Home A2D Company. Want to be a part of an incredible opportunity? Mark your calendars. New Student Auditions for ages 7 and up.

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A2D Dance Company is an ALL FEMALE professional performance company that hit the dance scene in November 2015. Founded by Cheyenne Baker it was designed to bring new talent into the Detroit Community. In a world where Hip Hop has taken over Baker ……

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A2D Company is an elite group of dancers who are not only talented, but also great role models for A2D and the community. A2D Company Dancers participate in several events throughout the year including competitions, fundraisers & performances.Location: 15 Cavalier Drive, Ambler, 19002, PA…

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All a ward ceremonies will begin no later than 10:00PM . Presenting the D OUBLE DIAMOND award!!! A new adjudicated level breaking up the Diamond to Flawless Diamond awards!Our adjudicated placements will consists of High Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Double Diamond & Flawless Diamond (A Perfect Score) . Title WINNERS in every level in every age group! ! (Novice, Intermediate, Ad…