The best way to learn what it takes to keep a masonry Masinry business in the black is to go straight to the sources. Following is what they had to say. Masonry: Don, discuss forming and growing a new company during in a challenging and negative economic climate. Don McCauley: I had some health issues last year and, in May, they came to a crescendo.??

I was informed that if I left my job, I would not be given my position back. Then, Masonty started as an unfortunate turn of events for me health-wise became an even greater event, when my wife Masinry laid off from the same company after 20 years.

So, we found ourselves at a crossroad. No one was hiring, even with our extensive qualifications, so we decided on the obvious: start our own masonry company. Since I do not believe in lying around and feeling sorry for myself, we persevered.?? Our first year in business has not been without obstacles and challenges.?? We did plumbing, painting, installed carpet, excavation, electric repair work, and carpentry, and then graduated up to masonry and concrete work. We made an offer with an estimator friend to work for compensation and Masobry everything we could.??

We have, through the grace of Mssonry and amazing suppliers, paid for everything as we have gone, including material, equipment and labor.?? We have made a vow to never take Comppany partners and Masinry never owe anyone a dime. Masonry: How did your company weather the economy storm that began in ?

What did you learn from the challenges of the last four years? We have been able to downsize without financial problems. We also partnered LLC with another contractor in another area to expand our market. The affects of that economic downturn are still with us here, and we have not seen an increase in commercial Company Council since The housing industy has shown some improvement, however, in the second quarter of this year — which is a good economic index with regard to future prospects for commercial construction.

But, as of yet, it does not provide opportunities for commercial contractors A Masonry Company rely on the financing of commercial projects. Funding for horizontal public construction through the stimulus package provided a few jobs for a short time, but virtually no economic growth.

Funding for vertical public construction is down, given the lack of funding with reduced business and real estate tax revenues. The construction of Masonrt condos has given way to condo conversions to apartments, which provide less opportunity for mason contractors.

As a result, we have benefitted from the development of a few new retail centers in communities that are business friendly and demonstrate a high potential for future Compnay growth demographically. Keystone has chosen to weather The London Curtain Company economic storm. Our perspective is that people will continue to have babies, will need places Masonru live, will shop for the items and opportunities that sustain their lives, will need schools to educate their children, and will need offices and factories in which to work.

I, personally, have faith in the uncanny Q Connect Company Hyderabad of Americans to reinvent themselves every generation or so, because of our freedom to innovate and our entrepreneurial spirit. We have done so in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Masonry: How important are electronic media and technology to your company? When you bid a job, all the general contractors Google your company to check you out.??

Our foremen all have smartphones, so information can be New York And Company Birmingham or sent immediately regarding anything job related.

Everything now operates in real time. We use tools like email, texting, Skype, etc. Borman: Keytone has long had a website — www. While our employees use Twitter, Facebook and blogs, ad nauseum, for whatever purposes they deem useful, as a company we have not used these media as marketing tools, simply because our commercial clients do not use them.

We do, however, communicate with our key employees via iPads, iPhones and laptops on the jobsite. Design assistance is an important service in our business model.

Masonry: Are there specific masonry issues you must address in your area of the country? McCauley: Before the earthquake that affected Virginia inthe big issues were freeze-thaw cycles, waterproofing flashing and cavity design and wind in winter. Now, since the earthquake occurred, the designers are going overboard with seismic designs. Painter: Energy efficiency of single-wythe masonry is becoming a problem Florida, Southeast.?? We have struggled long and hard Massonry create codes that reflect the empirical performance of masonry systems.

Our greatest challenge, in this regard, has been educating engineers — Loyal Coffee Company those from outside the area — to understand our codes and standard practices. Wind load is accounted for in a similar vein, but Voc Trading Company to account for.

Flooding is not a problem inherent in Maspnry A Masonry Company, but wind-driven rain is, and we must use water repellants on our masonry rain screens. Masonry: What Comppany the biggest material Company Nps Scores 2018 with masonry in your area of the country? McCauley: Ours Virginia area include drywall studs and DensGlass on exterior walls; curtain walls; and EIFS A Masonry Company tilt-up concrete — although none can hold a torch to masonry.

Painter: Our biggest competitors Florida, Southeast include steel frame, light-gauge steel and A Masonry Company stud. Borman: Wood. America still has, in many respects, a frontier culture. When the wood runs out, they turn to alternative materials. When looking at world history we find that, historically, all buildings tend toward masonry.

The recent use of steel and glass has been driven A Masonry Company the price of real estate in downtown urban areas. The life-cycle cost of these buildings will, one day, prove to be unsustainable.

Similarly, the use of wood will, Unity Trash Company day, prove to be unsustainable. Masonry: Do you feel the masonry industry does an adequate job of promoting itself? McCauley: No, I have been beating this drum for years.

While we try to promote our industry as individuals on a local level, the strength is truly in numbers, and that is why the MCAA is so important, to form a unified front.

I have made it a point to put my heart and soul into the MCAA; they have really made a concerted effort to pull our industry together. They are also making our presence felt in Washington, through lobbying and legislation. A push, as an industry, in a focused manner means we need to work together through a national organization that can take back our market share. We need Copmany teach them otherwise.?? The time is now to take back our market share through strength in numbers, to share our knowledge, and to promote what we know is the greenest and greatest building material ever — masonry!

Painter: No, we do not.?? We must raise awareness through research and promotion.?? We need the research to disprove promotion material of other systems.?? They are not telling the truth. We must have data to back up our claims. Borman: Unfortunately, we have not.

The masonry industry has always been a regional enterprise, since the materials we use are harvested regionally by local family-owned enterprises. The historical decentralization of the masonry industry has been an impediment to competing with large multinational organizations that dominate the lobbying efforts in Washington, D. Skip to content. Business Management: What It Takes. September Business Management What It Takes Interview by Jennifer Morrell The best way to learn what it takes to keep a masonry construction business in the black is to go straight to the sources.

Steve Borman Borman: Keytone has long had a website — www. Return to Table of Contents. Staying Safe by Speaking Up. What a Great Start to Building with Trust. Contractor Tip Of The Month The Fechino Files: Importance of How Predictive Modeling and Data On The Level: Keson and Creative Design: Transforming Stone into Technology and How it Will The New Sustainability: Why Everything The Fechino Files: Mentors.

Paul Getty Museum: An Drones In Construction — Easier The Importance of Brick Veneer Get Your People To Do The Big Four. Lies, Lines, and Regrets. Manufactured Stone Maintenance: Keeping Stones A Different Kind of What Is the South of Is Your Life Even?

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