A Fortune 500 Company Terms: Blue Chip. The term Fortune refers to an annual listing by Fortune magazine of the top public companies in the U. This list ranks only public companies, or those which have issued securities through an offering and which are traded on the stock market. This list is important to a number of financial groups, but particularly to investors, who study the performance of these select companies.

In addition, academic and business researchers look to these companies to learn about best practices in various industries and to discover the secrets to their business and financial success. Tracking the increase in sales of a company is a way to determine if the company is indeed growing.

This is very important to investors. Sales growth is also indicative of the state of the economy. One would expect a company's sales to grow during a healthy period of economic activity. When a company's A Fortune 500 Company grow faster than the general economy in the markets in which the firm operates, the firm is obviously outperforming the market due to some process within the company.

Companies listed on the Fortune usually have large and growing asset balances. An asset is any item of economic value owned by the corporation, including cash, securities, accounts receivable, inventory, office equipment, and property. A firm's earnings are calculated by subtracting the cost of sales, operating expenses, and taxes from its revenues. Capitalization is the sum of a corporation's long-term debt, stock, and retained earnings.

It may also be called invested capital. By multiplying the number of shares outstanding by the price per share, it is possible to determine the market price of an entire company or its market capitalization.

According to the Fortune study, the Zenith Car Insurance Company list of companies represents the bedrock of American business and remains an important tool for A Fortune 500 Company researchers and investors.

The Fortune list is well established and has been a standard of performance for over 50 years. In recent years, the companies of the Fortune whether ranked by growth, return, or market capitalization—were led by computer firms and telecommunications companies.

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† Fortune had previously listed Shell as a British/Dutch company, but as of the 2016 listing it is listed as Dutch. Breakdown by country [ edit ] As of November 2017 [update] , this is the list of the top 10 countries with the most Global 500 companies.…

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Every year, the Fortune 500 ranks the highest-grossing companies in the United States. It’s a big signifier of cachet in the business world—just think of how many employers advertise themselves as “a Fortune 500” company in their job listings. The latest edition came out recently, and working for one of the companies that made the Fortune 500 list is way more achievable than you might ...…