I think the song is about how the Conpany and probably the band itself has a philosophy in life that everyone seems threatened by, which I think is what is meant by, "I was born a shotgun in my hands. So because Compwny think of his philosophy as threatening, everyone calls them bad company, they're "bad people.

Yeah, that's about it. I think of Bad Company shows that a soldier's point of view of things whenever determination could lead good or bad about what has 5fdp Bad Company Lyrics must offer. The original song is about Southerners after the civil war and United Assurance Company Limited they are treated and percieved by the rest of america.

I think this song, at least version. Is about someone acknowledging that they're presence is usually a very bad thing. And they don't care and they don't change and this is who they are. They've become the renegade s. They make. And for whatever reason, they wont change and well it just means Lyric bad company til they die.

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