The ICI's mission is to encourage high ethical standards, promote understanding of mutual funds to the public, and to advance the interests of funds and fund companies. The ICI came into existence as a result of the Investment Act ofwhich was passed by Congress in response the stock market crash of and subsequent Great Depression. Part of the Act was to establish the responsibilities of investment committees, with the underlying purpose of preventing another crash and devastating recession.

The ICI can be a valuable source of information for investors, investment advisers, and investment companies.

Some of the information includes research and statistics, news and events, education, and frequently asked questions. In summary, the Investment Company Institute is rich source of information and education for fund shareholders, investment advisers, money managers, and investment companies.

And if you're not quite sure what you need or where to find it, the ICI site has a search tool to help you find the right information that Faft help you. Fund flow is a term used to describe the purchases inflows and redemptions outflows of funds on the part of investors. Investors and money managers watch fund flows to measure trends and investor sentiment toward a particular 2019 Investment Company Fact Book class stocks, bonds or cashfund style growth or value of type of fund, such as U.

For example, if inflows are high, or above-average, this could indicate positive investor sentiment. Or, in an extreme case, when inflows are at all-time Investtment highs, a contrarian investor may detect this as a sign the market may be at a high and ready to enter into a major correction.

The opposite is true: above-average outflows indicates negative investor sentiment and record outflows may point to a market low, indicating a good time to buy shares. However, the ICI is not an investment company A Joint Stock Company does not sell investment products.

Therefore, investors, investment advisers, and members of the media trust that the information available at ICI is factual and reliable information.

As with any kind of investment activity, researching mutual funds and other investment funds Compaby consist of using several different tools before making a final decision to invest in a particular fund. The timeless attributes of diversificationdollar-cost averagingand Boom strategies should lead investor decisions.

The ICI would agree with this statement. Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided for discussion 2019 Investment Company Fact Book only, and should not be misconstrued as investment advice. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities. The Balance uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance, you accept our. Mutual Funds Basics. By Kent Thune. Here are some of the primary ICI resources investors can use for their benefit:.

Research and Reports: Whether you're an investor looking for What Company Owns Taco Bell on investing in mutual funds or an investment writer looking for research reports to support an article 2019 Investment Company Fact Book are writing, Ijvestment ICI's Industry Research page can be a good place to start. Continue Reading.

2018 Investment Company Fact Book

The Investment Company Fact Book is one very visible result of this process and its many elements. Data. The Fact Book provides objective data and information about investment companies and their investors—high-quality signals to send through the lens. Each chapter, as well as extensive…

2018 Investment Company Fact Book (PDF)

348 pages. "The Fact Book provides objective data and information about investment companies and their investors ... a wealth of information on investor characteristics.... [and] informed analysis for how developments in markets affected flows to US mutual funds.... [Y]ounger and lower-income workers are less likely to participate in employer-sponsored retirement plans. But alarm over this ...…

2020 Insurance Fact Book III

Welcome to the Insurance Fact Book. Click on the chapter headings on the left to navigate the online, members-only version of the I.I.I. Insurance Fact Book. The members-only online edition is updated as new data become available and features web extras, including a chart index, view by state, download by chapter and archives.…